Friday, February 15, 2008

Grandma Smoked us in Bowling

Over the holidays we played Wii bowling. We thought we were pretty good. My high game was 148 and I was excited. Grandma kept watching us with an amused expression. We invited her to participate to no avail. Finally we coerced her into playing. After reluctantly agreeing to try, we showed her how to use the control, which buttons to use and how to perform the appropriate arm maneuvers. She of course demonstrated a hesitancy because of her age and because she doesn't engage in video amusement often.

The game started. We all took turns. Grandma bowled a strike. Then she bowled another and another. Her amused grin turned into a smirk and when the dust settled, she smoked us with a score of 180. Eager to redeem ourselves we egged her on for a rematch, after all she is 79 you know. We did, she did and this time her performance was not as good. She only beat us soundly with a score of 178.

We're more careful of what games we challenge her on now. We did the same thing once when playing a card game called scum. After feigning ignorance she cleaned us all out. You'd think we would learn.

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Hugh said...

How does bowling humble pie taste?