Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Soup For You!

Our house on Factor Street was cool in both senses of the word. Dad had installed a swamp cooler in the master bedroom window that was right over their bed. I used to enjoy going into my parents room because Mom had painted this beautiful mural that spanned an entire wall. I'm pretty sure it was of a Cherry Tree that was in full blossom. It was a kaleidoscope of pinks and whites and I love looking at it. I was amazed at how talented my Mom was.

I also like to stand on the bed next to the swamp cooler and feel the cool breeze waft over me. Dad used to get pneumonia on occasion and I remember them speculating it may have had something to do with sleeping under that swamp cooler. I vividly remember him taking great swabs of Vicks Vapor Rub on his finger and sticking it down his throat and swallowing.


When I was a little lad of about 5 or 6 years old, I was playing in my bedroom one day and I heard Mom call Terry and I to lunch. We went into the kitchen and I asked what we were having. Mom said toasted cheese sandwiches.

I must have been a little brat because I started whining and told her I didn't want that. I asked what else I could have and she firmly told me that was my choice. I obviously thought if I pushed the issue I could get my way. Mom kindly but firmly told me that was my only choice. I kept pushing and she finally said "OK if you don't want that, you can have nothing".

I was shocked and felt foolish because I was really hungry. But she stood her ground. I know I was pretty stubborn as a kid. I don't remember if I apologized or not, but I do remember I didn't get lunch. I fantasized most of the day about how good that sandwich would have tasted. When dinner came around though I was really hungry and was not going to say anything stupid that would prevent me from consuming it.

I learned a great lesson that day that I never forgot and was always to Mom for teaching me limits in my life.

Ironically toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup is one of my favorite meals.


Hugh said...

I love how mom toasts the sandwiches in the pan with lots of butter. Maybe that's why I need to run now.

Dipping cheese sandwiches in tomato soup until they are really soggy is heavenly.

I can't stop laughing about Dad coating his throat with Vicks. I still enjoy the vapor smell when I'm sick. Vicks could come out with a vapor rub cologne and I would wear it.

Doug said...

I always thought it tasted kinda minty.