Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Notable quotes from quotable folks

You can't top Angela Lansbury. – Heidi

I like frosting and I like to contribute to the igloo. – Heidi

That's very cute, but like a kitten we have no use for it. – David

I'm related to cyber-bullies. – Doug

A minimalist is just a lazy pessimist. – Doug (Copy-write violation on Twitter by Hugh)

I feel bad for them. If they weren't communists, I'd feel more bad. — Becky

I'm easily forgettable. — Becky

If I didn't have you I'd have a Dog. — Becky

Did you know that Heidi was a closet Barney watcher? — Brad

If I were a dinosaur I'd eat that tree. – Heidi

Sales Associate at Phantom Fireworks in Evanston: What are you looking for?
Customer with wife beater shirt: Big, Loud, Boom!

I'm glad I'm not married, so I don't have to deal with awkward people. – Heidi

Hey, you put russian words in my post. (See Heidi's Big Run) (Pause) Wait a minute, I can read russian! – Heidi

Why would you want to hold hands? Who knows where that hand's been! – Heidi

Mom, Is today Fast Sunday or Slow Sunday? — Avery

Oh Yea, Tell that to Johnny Marchant in ninth grade choir class! — Doug

Midgets get mean don't they? — Heidi

Hurry up and kiss me before it stinks! — Amy

I thought you went to state? — David

I was on the swim team and I didn't know how to swim. — Heidi

Do something...even if its wrong! — Marv

No matter what they throw at you, take it a step further. — Doug

Fools mock, but they shall mourn. — Ben

I'm taking out my GFI tracking so they can't find me. — Kevan

Respect yourself and respect the property of others. — Mesa County, Two Rules of Ditch Safety

By the way....I have said several very quotable things...am I on your darn (explictive modified) blog thing? — Duane

What really interests me is whether God had any choice in the creation of the world. — Einstein

Did you get any on you? Just the green stuff, but it will wash off. — Marv

Wow! — Doug, regading David passing emissions

I'm official. I passed emissions and went to the DMV this morning. Good for another 11 months. — David

I would vote, but I'm not 14! — Kennerly

It tasted kinda minty. — Doug

I was riding shot gun....i remember feeling the icy blast of muddy water and gasping for breath. — Brad

The Journey is the destination. — Doug

I want to live long enough to be a burden to my children. — Marv

It's like air, I can take it or leave it. — Randy

Well Dear, Let's go to bed so these good folks can go home. — Doug

Somebody wiped us out of toilet paper. — Becky

Did you set that clock fast on purpose, or is it just running slow? — Doug

Hey, Do you have any chocolate in your pocket? — Amy

Mom, If you'd said naked you would have made the quote board. — Heidi

Do you guys ever hit your bones? — Heidi

Heidi's holding out for a stripping warrior. — Amy

I try to battle back with stubbornness and it doesn't work. — Dave

That's between you and the Lord, Babe. — Amy

If you put that on your blog I'll sue you. — Brad

Hey, you da man! — Doug
No I'm not, I'm Quinan! — Quinan

Would you order the liver again? — Waiter
I would if I liked it! — Heidi

Did that just bark at me? — David

Why do we have to live in a clean house? — Heidi

When I was a kid, we lived so far out in the country that when we went hunting we walked towards town. — Marv

When Amy came back from college, Sparkie wouldn't speak to her for over a month. — Becky

I'd rather look at someone than touch them. — Heidi

On quantum theory I use up more brain grease than on relativity. — Albert Einstein

I know...let's build flying buttresses...six of them. We'll put them on both sides. I know how to do it. — Brad

You're obsessed with the David's Quote Board. Why don't you build your own. — Heidi

What I'm doing right now.

Not using Twitter.