Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Come Here Doug

My Mom is awesome.  I learned so much from her and awe at her wisdom and insight.  I suspect most of her lessons were deliberate, but some like the one I learned this day, I suspect were unintentional.

I was pretty small when we lived on Factor Street.  One day I was playing in the backyard.  There was a ton of vegetation and a banana tree.  I loved that backyard.  I have no idea what I was doing but I remember hearing my Mom call.  "Doug...Doug".

I know some of our character traits develop quickly.  Obvious my character was flawed because I totally ignored her.  I really didn't want my important activities to be interrupted, especially if I was going to be required to complete a chore.  

It was probably 5 minutes later when I heard her call again.  "Doug, Doug, Come Here."  Once again  I ignored the request.  This time I did feel a considerable measure of guilt and fear.
Soon, the inevitable petition came again and this time with more urgency but kindness in her voice.  "DOUG, COME HERE".  I reluctantly complied.  

Imagine the surprise, delight and guilt I enjoyed when I realized the summons was simply to delight me with some freshly baked Chocalate Chip Toll House cookies and a tall glass of milk.

It was a lesson well learned and a precious moment with my precious Mother.


Hugh said...

We have the best mother ever!

Tastes Kinda Minty said...

Yes. She taught us some great lessons. This lesson was delicious.

Hugh said...

Let me guess... and it tasted kinda minty?

Doug said...

Exactly. I think you are beginning to understand.

Anonymous said...

Good post dad!
I really liked this and that's probably because I have done the same thing to you... Sorry about that!


Doug said...