Friday, January 25, 2008

Trevor Rescues Doug

When I was in college, I wasn't very mechanically inclined. Every time I would come home from school Trevor and Dad were always there to help me out. It was just like taking your car to the dealer, but they always did the work for free. They rebuilt a couple of Volkswagen engines and beetles for me, and spent hours helping me keep my transportation going. This photo is of Trevor replacing the wheel bearings on my 1968 Ford Galaxy 500 - named Ernest. This is only one example of hundreds. Of all the kids in the Family, Trevor has always been the most giving. Siblings, don't be offended it's just a fact. Following the example of Mom and Dad, he is always there to help others.

He really is a mechanical genius. When he was a kid he'd find screw drivers, butter knifes and pliers and would take apart anything he could find, clocks and radios, anything.

He always loved to drive. Even when he could barely walk. He'd open the door to the car, climb in and put the car in reverse. Some how he figured out how, released the emergency brake and push the starter button, (I think Terry probably taught him) and that would roll the car out in the street. He did this more than once. He was never good about getting it back into the driveway, but then again he was only about two.

He has always had a gift to see anything mechanical or electrical and know what it looks like under the case and understand how it works. He studied and worked hard to develop his skills and expand his knowledge. He's basically our own little in-house walking wikipedia.

Whenever the furnace, washer, dryer or other goes out, we call him and he is always able to listen to my explanation of what is wrong and then diagnose how to fix it. Did I mention he's a genius. He spent hundreds of hours helping us when we built our house in Grand Junction. He also wore out our couch sleeping on it.

Anyway we love Trevor and I truly appreciate his countless hours of service in our behalf.


Becky said...

Yes we do love Trevor. Where would be with out him. Not only mechanically, but he is also a very fun guy to have around! The only bad thing about him marrying JoAnne was that we didn't see him as often!

Hugh said...

Trevor has helped us in countless ways as well. Recently he (twice) diagnosed our failed air conditioner (remember we live in Las Vegas) over the phone in about a minute and went out of his way to help me get replacement parts (along with installation instructions).

My earliest memory of Trevor's kindness was when I was about 5 and he took me with him to the A&W drive-in on Main Street. That was a delicious treat. I wonder if any others in the second family remember that?

Hugh said...

Oh, and Trevor always had hot cars! Trevor, didn't you have a suped-up Nova in the mid '70s?

Amy said...

Trevor was also the one that taught me that the "hands on the bumper game" wasn't really a game after all.